APRÍTÓGÉPGYÁR (Shredder Machine Factory) was founded in Jászberény in 1951. It took over the production of crushing and sorting machines from Ganz and Partner, a company with a great past.

Accordingly, at the beginning, the main profile included manufacturing and component replacement of crushing and sorting machines.

This profile widened with the cement plant technology machine park, and later with the mechanization of power plants, both for coal/lignite based and nuclear power plants.

In the seventies, the profile continued to expand with the production of steel and aluminum metallurgy equipment as well as rolling mill equipment.

In this decade (through government direction), the company was charged with the handling, recycling and destruction of hazardous industrial and hospital waste.

Since 1976, the company has been involved, as a general contractor, in capital investments.

A number of mining machine companies operating in West Germany and Austria had cooperative work carried out with APRÍTÓGÉPGYÁR.

The company purchased several licenses, such as BINDER sorters, KHD crushers, mills and tube works equipment, etc.; in addition, through its own product development activities and its assignments given to domestic designing companies, the company developed its machines and process technologies.

As early as in that period, 30% of sales revenues came from exports to Western Europe.

From the mid-eighties, the company showed more courage to open up prospects towards Western European markets, in the line of the production of finished heavy steel structures made under cooperation contracts. Typically, these were excavator and crane sub-assemblies, buckets, bucket shafts, booms, bogies, mobile chassis.

At the time of the change of political system in Hungary, APRÍTÓGÉPGYÁR realized 75% of its revenues from exports, manufacturing for companies such as HANOMAG, Eder, Poclain, Caterpillar, SMS and Mannesmann Demag.

Privatization of the company was made in 1993 in a construction of „ten-member management and MRP (employees’ stock ownership plan),” under the name of Jászberényi Aprítógépgyár Rt., so that the company – almost uniquely in Hungary – remained together, as a whole.

Thereafter, sales revenues and exports to the West dynamically improved, while domestic sales fell back, and also general contractor’s activities had to be opened towards new markets; in this way we created references in relation to PET recycling (bottle-to-bottle), and product lines making foam glass from waste glass and processing used rubber tires.

In the years 2005 and 2006, company sales revenues exceeded HUF 15-16 billion, out of which exports increased to a value of about 90%. In 2007, the management, following its purchasing of the employees’ stocks, decided on the selling of its own stocks.

On 29 May 2007, the Jászberényi Aprítógépgyár Zrt. has become a member of the RUUKKI concern, from 1 December 2007 under a new name RUUKKI Tisza Zrt.

On its directors’ meeting held in 14 September 2007, the concern decided on the subject of outsourcing of the whole Hungarian market and the general contractor’s activities out of the Jászberényi Aprítógéppgyár Zrt.

According to this, meeting of consumer demands of this area is now made with the contribution of the AGJ Aprítógépgyár Fővállalkozási, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság, which is a quasi-successor from the professional and commercial point of view (it is indicated by the continued use of the abbreviated name AGJ and the full name Aprítógépgyár and the company logo).


  1. Fulfillment of contractual obligations for the year 2007 was ensured by the Enterprise Bureau of the company in an unchanged procedure.


  1. As from 1 February 2008, business has been continued by the employees of the above mentioned Bureau in the frame of AGJ Aprítógépgyár Kft.
  2. Name of the AGJ Fővállalkozási Kft. (on completion of transformation) changed to AGJ Aprítógépgyár Kft. (on 18 February 2008).
  3. Subsequent to 1 February 2008, occasional guarantee matters are managed in the organization of the „Kft” (=Co. Ltd.), at the risk and expense of the Ruukki Tisza Zrt.
  4. Serving of buyers’ machine and component demand is made through the Kft. The manufacturing and technological documentation of the past 50 years as well as all wooden patterns for casting passed into the ownership of the Kft. It has an exclusive right of production.
  5. We remain at our clients’ disposal in the sales of the most varied unique technology machines and production lines (development, design, manufacturing, assembling and installation), in the new organizational structure.

We have references, in addition to conventional crushing and sorting, in areas such as waste re-use by PET Recycling technology (bottle to bottle), production of so called foam glass from waste glass for building and construction industry, solutions re-using used tires, equipment and technology for steel and aluminum foundries and rolling mills, and carbon-fiber production from precursor.

  1. Successful activities of the company are supported by a reliable circle of subcontractors, which, in addition to existing ones, is continuously growing, in conformity with market expectations.
  2. The Kft. continues to operate at the location Sportpálya u. 1 Jászberény.
  3. The AGJ APRÍTÓGÉPGYÁR Kft. (mental inheritor of the ex-parent company) appears as a buyer with RUUKKI Tisza Zrt., there is no identity in ownership!